An ERP system is not just an ordinary computer system but acts as a helper that can improve a company’s overall business processes and management structure which will result in major benefits to the company.

M@ERP was built by a group of highly skilled managers with great knowledge on production theories and multiple practical experiences. The fundamental requirements as well as the complete management functions of the system are developed according to APICS production standards and the management understanding of the team members. M@ERP can support actual production and manufacturing planning, execution, and control consequently strengthening a wide variety of management aspects of a company.

Why Choose Us?

M@ERP is a Mid-Market Enterprise Resource Planning system specially designed for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

  • Great customer service which lead to a well-established base of satisfied customers.
  • Provides modularity where each ERP cycle can be purchased separately.
  • Lead Malaysia Enterprise Resource Planning solution provider.
  • Deep industry skills and experience in market we focus in.
  • Strong support service network locally and internationally.
  • Strong R&D team of well skilled programmers and analysts.
  • More than 18 years track record and strong management team.
  • Invested approximately RM 6.3 million into R&D in the last 10 years.
  • Able to provide customized one-stop solutions for different types of industries.
  • Highly trained project managers and customer support staffs with proven experience.

Benefits of M@ERP System

International Standards

System is designed based on international standards and had performed thousand of real users testing.

Global Technologies

System can be accessed at any place and any time all around the world.

Robust Functionality

Fully integrated, online, and real-time functions that are tested with effective software testing tools.

Low Cost of Ownership

Reasonable price if compared to same range of products in market.

User Friendly

Easy user interface design and user work flow control developed using the latest analysis and design tools.

Multi-language Support

System supports the highly used languages in Malaysia: English, Chinese, and Malay.

Check out the technical features of our system!

Our products are one stop solution and specially designed for all types of businesses functional requirements.