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E-Commerce has created a wealth of opportunities for mid-market companies. The mantra of mid-ranged companies is to grow and keep your customer base by delivering on time and providing excellent customer service.

E-Commerce brings "large company" advantages to sales, marketing and service activities: it can deliver access to global markets and lower the cost of building market awareness.

E-Commerce can also power new efficiencies in procurement, providing leverage with larger, more powerful suppliers and reducing transaction costs through integrated vertical marketplaces.

M@ERP System uses a robust suite of integrated Microsoft-based e-business products allows mid-range companies to harness e-business solutions to gain marketshare and increase profits. M@ERP provides products and services using top-of-the-line software to provide a sound, scalable, comprehensive e-business suite enabling midmarket companies to help customers online, augment the internal and external sales channels' success, and command the buying power of E-Commerce.

The software, services and supporting architecture are designed specifically for e-business initiatives of mid-ranged companies, ensuring a definite return on investment, lower total cost of ownership and lower deployment risk.

Sub Modules:

- e-Commerce (EC)

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e-Commerce (EC)

General Features

  • Workflow/Business Process Setting Enabled
  • Fully Integrated with Inventory Control/Production
  • Various Documents Can Be Copied from Source Document Following the Workflow/Business Rule Setting (It is time saving and accurate)
  • Unit Price Based On Standard, Sales Price List or Quotation
  • Sales Price Analysis/Comparative Report based of Customer, Customer Type, Stock Item, Date
  • Sales Configuration Enabled
  • Flexible Multi-Level Sales Discount like 10%+ 15%
  • Sales Forecast
  • Sales Commission Calculation
  • Various Transactions Like Sale Quotation, Sales Order (Performa Invoice), Sales Back Order, Delivery Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Note, Sales Debit Note, Cash Sales, Auto Billing, Consignment Billing
  • Microsoft OLAP Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Data Mart Enabled
  • Built-In Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Function
  • On-Line Stock Balance Checking, Historical/Current Unit Price while Processing the Invoice, D/O, Sales Order, Quotation
  • Transport Management
  • Pop-up Screen To Display Customer Credit Limit, Oustanding Balance, Credit Available and Ageing
  • Allow Order Limit By User
  • Auto generated Of Alert Message to Supervisor/Manager for Approval
  • Auto Changing Order Status for Each Step of Order Processing
  • Sales Order/Delivery Analysis Report
  • Summary Sales Report - By Item Category, Customer, Salesperson, Territory, Customer Type and Date
  • Monthly Sales Comparative Report
  • Salesperson/Customer Sales Collection Report
  • Order Requirements / Fulfillment Report
  • Summary Sales Analysis
  • Sales Gross Profit Comparative Report
  • Customer Top Sales GP Comparative Report
  • Customer Sales Ranking
  • Sales GP Actual/Budget Variance Report
  • Sales GP Actual/Forecast Variance Report
  • Sales Contribution Report
  • Consolidated Sales Performance Report
  • Total Trade Claim Report
  • Consolidated Stock Write Off Report
  • Consolidated AMS Sales & Stock Report
  • User Report Writer Provided, User Can Modify Any Reports or Documents
  • All The Reports Can Be Analyzed by Customer, Customer Type, Territory/Area, Date, Sales Person, Branch, Item Category

Function Menu

Sales Order

  • About Sales Distribution

System Setup

Sales File Manager

  • Sales Price List
  • - Sales Price List - Customer Type
  • - Sales Price List - Customer
  • - Sales Price List - Channel/Pricing Group
  • - Sales Price List - Channel/Pricing Category
  • - Sales Price List - Item #1
  • - Sales Price List - Item #2 (Quick Entry)
  • - Sales Price List - Markup Price
  • - Sales Price List - Part Code Pricing
  • Salesperson Sales/Collection Target
  • Item Category Sales Budget
  • Sales Quotation
  • - Sales Quotation - Standard
  • - Sales Quotation - Fan
  • - Sales Quotation - Plastic
  • - Sales Quotation - Pipe
  • - Sales Quotation - Power Generator
  • - Sales Quotation - Refrigeration
  • - Sales Quotation - Printing
  • Customer Sales Budget
  • Sales Commission Table
  • - Sales Commission Table - By Item
  • - Commission Schedule Scheme
  • - Commission Deduction Scheme

Task / Function Processing

  • Transportation Load Plan - Generator
  • Sales Picking List - Generator
  • Sales Invoice - Import From Other Company
  • Sales Invoice - Export To Other Company
  • Delivery Order - Export To Other Company
  • Automatic Salesperson Commission Processing
  • Automatic Invoice Processing - From Cash Memo
  • Automatic Invoice Processing - From Sales Order


  • Sales Order Balance
  • Sales Order Transaction
  • Stock Available To Sales
  • Historical Sales Price List
  • Cash Sales - Full Payment
  • Serial No. / Lot No. Transaction

Transaction Processing

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Credit Note
  • Sales Debit Note
  • Sales Back Order
  • Cash Sales
  • Delivery Order/Consignment Note
  • Refundable Deposit Billing
  • Refundable Deposit Return
  • Sales Forecast/Estimate
  • Vehicle Load Plan
  • Proforma Invoice/Packing List
  • Distributor Sales Order
  • Daily Sales
  • Salesperson Commission
  • - Salesperson Commission - Sales Target
  • - Salesperson Commission - Collection
  • - Salesperson Commission - Item Sales Amount
  • Consignment Sales - Cash Memo
  • Sales Repeat Order
  • Sales Delivery Schedule
  • Sales Contract / Reservation
  • Daily Order Delivery Instruction
  • Sales Packing List
  • Inter-branch Order
  • Invoice Delivery Schedule
  • Sales Commission Rebate
  • Sales Shipping Detail


  • Sales Order Analysis
  • Order Action Report
  • Order History Report
  • Aged Orders Report
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Sales Commission Report
  • Summary Statistics Report
  • Tax Summary Report
  • General Ledger Transaction Listing
  • Sales Order Alert Report
  • Salesperson Sales / Collection Report
  • Sales Executive Sales/Collection Report
  • Salesperson Collection Commission Report
  • Order Requirement Report
  • Sales Analysis
  • Posted Invoice / Journal Adjustment Listing
  • Invoice/Journal Adjustment Postings General Ledger Distribution
  • Consolidate Sales Report
  • Customer Incentive Report
  • Salesperson Commission Report - Product Group Sales
  • Sales Purchasing Requirement Report
  • Production / Purchasing Planning Report
  • Daily Sales Report