Mobile PDA Solutions

Module Info

The Mobile PDA Solution module is an application software that is highly beneficial to companies that use mobile commerce.

It provides th companies with mobile and PDA related solutions.

The M-DIS enables sales orders to be performed via Palm Top Hand-Held terminals or Pocket PCs. The mobile devices enabled data is entered by sales person and downloaded at distributors locations and send information to HQ for production planning, sales, marketing and finance operations.

This device also intends to provide tools that add value and enhance functionality to the Sales force, increase sales person productivity and reduce sales order data input processing time.

The selection of Palm top or Pocket PC is up to the company as M-DIS is flexible.

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The key items for hardware device selection are:

  • Robustness of equipment
  • Fast data communications
  • Scalability
  • Ease of use by Sales person
  • System is simple to use
  • Clear business process
  • Cost-effective

The Palm Top system is used for sales order entry. These mobile applications represent one part of a complete end-to-end solution.

The total solution is comprised of four parts:

  • Palm Top system
  • PC in distributor receiving data from Palm Top
  • Communication medium ie e-mail attachment and send data from PC to HQ
  • Server in YHS HQ to receive and consolidate data from all e-mails received via web mail

The objective of the project is to provide Palm Top for Presell Sales Orders to provide sales efficiency and mobility.

The system can catered for remote dial-up from the mobile devices if required.


  • Information on daily sales orders for production planning and sales management of targets
  • Faster order management from processing of sales orders to dispatching
  • Improve supply chain
  • Increase customer calls per sales person if the average number of successful calls was known
  • More accurate sales orders data input as input is the responsibility of the sales person
  • Have the ability to implement a solution integrated with the core system
  • Faster availability of information about stock requirement
  • Have the ability to record purchase order number to solve customer's enquiry
  • Reduce pre-printed forms
  • Provide information for marketing on demand by customers
  • Provide information for sales operation by measuring orders versus deliveries and sales
  • Provide information for production and supply chain
  • Enable the ability to monitor sales persons' time in market as each transmission is time-stamped
  • Improve opportunity for credit control; Have the ability to check whether the credit limit of account receivable has been exceeded and request for collection from customer
  • Visibility of last sales for sales reference
  • Have the ability to send delivery messages by sales person
  • Have the ability to send special messages for urgent delivery
  • Have the ability to record total cash collected to enable accurate reconciliation with cashier
  • Manage reports to track sales activities and improve efficiency
  • Visibiliy of stock on-hand
  • Have the ability to record surveys
  • Contain e-mail facilities for external and internal communications

Technical Support

The company's MIS team will provide the implementation and training of the M-DIS mobile distributor system once being trained by MERP company.

After implementation is completed, a hotline number for the company's MIS support services will be provided for sales personnel to contact.

The company's MIS support service team will then contact MERP technical support as per service agreement.

Hardware Requirements

Palm Top

  • HotSync Cable and Cradle
  • 8MB RAM
  • Internal 32MB Compact Flash Card
  • Battery
  • Palm OS 4.1

Pocket PC

  • HotSync Cable and Cradle
  • 32MB RAM
  • 32MB ROM
  • Windows CE
  • 300 MHz

Set-Up Requirements

A server in HQ will collect and consolidate data sent by MERP gathered from distributors.

The outlet master information should be reviewed by sales management team of the distributors to ensure the information is accurate.

The product master is updated from HQ to distributors.