Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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M@ERP Document Management System - Provides valuable assistance in helping you control and manage the documents within your organization. Word processing documents, spreadsheets, forms, images, email message - any type of file you want to save - can be tracked through M@ERP Document Management System.

With M@ERP Document Management System , the windows clients to MERP Advanced Document Management environment, you have the capability to search across multiple file servers.

Sub Modules:

- Document Management System (DMS)

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Document Management System (DMS)

General Features

  • Empowering workers to leverage the collective expertise contained in global content repositories
  • Customizable security, to better accomodate users both internal and external to the enterprise, administrators can configure role-based groups with granular permissions controlling who can create, search for and manage document content
  • From electronic documents, e-mails, and multimedia to paper, forms and records, the complex variety of digital file types demands a secure, flexible environment that enables users to easily catalog , find and share information
  • Increase productivity by providing faster access to content, facilitating rapid document production, and minimizing time spent looking for or recreating information

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Document Management System

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System Setup

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Library Maintenance

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Document Processing

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