MERP Technologies Sdn Bhd was established in the year of 2007. Up until now, we have a total of 24 years of experience in developing and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for all types of organizations.

Our team consists of Management and IT professionals with great and trustable experience in the IT field. For 14 years, we have been doing research and examining foreign highest demanded systems in order to improve M@ERP system. This, together with our local practical experience and integrating new technological advances available, we have now successfully developed a perfect and stable system that consists of functionalities of both international and local Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems .

To date, M@ERP system is being used by about 800 Small/ Medium Enterprises and over 100 large organizations. Our customers are from all over Malaysia, including some from South East Asia and China.

24 Years in Business

113880 Cups of Coffee

Over 800 Total Projects

Our Achievements

In 31 May 2010, we have been awarded the MSC Malaysia Status, which is recognition by the Government of Malaysia through the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

In 26 June 2012, we have obtained the certificate of Ministry of Finance (MOF) to tender government related projects.

In 12 March 2014, we received qualification and have been awarded by Royal Malaysian Customs Department to supply GST Compliance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Accounting System to Small/ Medium Enterprises (SME).

Our Motto and Perspective

Company Perspective

Aim: To be listed on any appropriate stock exchange in Malaysia.

In the short term period, we hope to achieve the status of being the top brand for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in Malaysia.

In the long term period, we hope to take on and enter the international market to provide the greatest system to other countries.

Company Motto

Strive for improvements, constantly enhancing and growing with our customers.

To help enterprises improve management and planning of resources.

Share our experience and knowledge by providing advancement to the information system technology field.

Take a look at our products!

Our products are one stop solution and specially designed for all types of businesses functional requirements.

Our Business Strategy

Local organizations do not only lack of an ERP system to help them manage their company, they also do not have the knowledge to fully utilize ERP systems to perform management tasks.

  • We wish to provide a complete course, proper tools, and demonstration of the ERP system to train users in managing with the use of the ERP system. Our beliefs are that the local organizations have to use the ERP system to improve the business quality plus that foreign ERP systems do not satisfy the local organizations' requirements and pricing.
  • We wish to contribute our experience and knowledge to help the local organizations improve, and help local products and services achieve international standards. When comparing our ERP systems to other systems in th market, we do not fall short to fully developed countries; and at providing user training, we surpass them.
  • We hope to combine with local software companies, consultants, accountants, and so on, to develop an ERP system that the small to medium size businesses can use, is a cost effective and efficient ERP system.