Technical Features

M@ERP system can support many organizations and manufacturing factories, and can be used in a client/server environment or through the Internet. Due to the fact that M@ERP is standardized, simple and user friendly, therefore it is easy to train users to use this ERP system. The users may use a partner strategy (between users and dealers) in promoting and using this ERP system. Our company constantly improves this ERP system, its guidelines and technical support, to ensure the users fully utilize this ERP system.

Supported Platforms and System Architectures

Supported Platforms

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (32bit /64bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (32bit /64bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (32bit /64bit)

System Architectures

  • N-tier Client Server
  • Browser
  • Internet

Database Performance and Expansion (Scalability)

  • Support up to 10,000 persons
  • Assist assignments ranging from simple machines to the largest scale of core

User Interface


On-line user document

  • Standard operation program (SOP) book
  • System flow chart
  • Function explanation
  • In-Field explanation
  • User interface operation’s documentation


  • Windows structure with tree format
  • Authority Personalized Menu
  • Day to day organizer menu
  • Frequently used menu
  • Frequently used menu cum shortcut to menus
  • Key in program code to perform execution directly
  • The sequence of menus may be changed according to order or fixed

Multimedia usage

  • Database may store multiple multimedia data. Each order may be remark by text, sound, and picture

Statistics Chart

  • Charts may be used to represent statistical analysis information
  • Allow usage of the spreadsheet format from Excel to analyse the report

Provides wildcard function, allows user to continue typing while the system searches for the closest match and provides multiple columns to continue typing while the system searches for the closest match

Software calculator and calendar: count the result or date can be directly transfer into a field

Locked announcement: when a user is using a function, and another user opens the same function, a message (may be set by user) will be prompted to the user saying that it is locked

Print and Batch Processing Management

Print Management

  • Documents may be passed through printing tools, utilizing e-mail and fax
  • Manage the print control; every user may only request for their own report to be printed out
  • The document may be exported to MICROSOFT EXCEL and WORD for printing
  • User may select the number of pages for the report to be printed
  • Can set the number of reports a user is allowed to print
  • User may preview the report before printing
  • User may print report by batch and implement a Report server
  • May set the format for the report footer

Report execution

  • Report printing may be executed by the report server
  • Multiple reports may be executed by the report


Support XML

  • Import customer order in XML format
  • Export purchase order and subcontract order in XML

Support Internet access

  • Use Internet to receive orders and invoice
  • Use Internet to check customer’s order status and perform payment enquiry
  • Use Internet to check the purchase order and payment enquiry

Support e-mail reporting

  • Can be set into 2 report group, sent to external or internal organization
  • Sent can be pre-set by text, subject, original copy, carbon copy (CC), blind carbon copy (BCC) and grouping
  • The user may choose either forward report to others after viewed the report or send it straightaway
  • Recipient may read report through Browser
  • Reports may be put into a Batch to be carried out and sent later

Support electronic communication

  • Support instant messaging through e-mail when there are any abnormal situations
  • When performing task in Batch, adjustment will be carry out for abnormal situations before sending out notice in the form of e-mails

System Security Management

Access Rights

  • Security by person
  • Security by position
  • Top level management can define access authorization by departments and pass authorization among subordinate
  • Provide limitation for copy and exchange of information
  • Formula setting limitation to user without authority

Password Control

  • I.T. administrator may divide the system and manage the passwording, the administrator may not enquire or modify the end users’ password
  • No other personnel may change the password of someone else

MIS personnel may write a program or editor to retrieve the information from the table or field

System File and Backup folder

System File

  • Program/Functions to Fields List
  • Fields to Program/Functions List

Backup processing

  • A sequence may be set for batch processing
  • Processing may be diversified to several computers
  • A date or Day may be set for Batch Processing to occur
  • Batch status enquiry available like starting date,ending date, execution time

Application and Management Features

Support branch duties

  • Manages multiple set of accounts for different branch
  • Supports multi-currency and a single report after consolidation production information and sales information from different companies may be merged together for analysis

Support multiple site and production activities

  • Every production site has its own production and material planning
  • Every production site will have its own cost centre
  • The cost centre may generate cost separately
  • A sales order may include a variety or products and warehouse source

Support multi-currency management

  • Different currency may be used to make transactions
  • Automatically calculate the amount in foreign currency
  • During payment, foreign amount will automatically be converted to local amount
  • Before converting between foreign and local currency, the loss or profit are automatically calculated and displayed in a table form

Support Multi-level cost, profit, expenses, and cost centre management

  • Human resource cost-centre or another department
  • Product line or sub-product line cost-centre
  • Multiple profit cost-centre

Support workflow management

  • User may issue different type of receipts depending on different situations and conditions
  • User may opt to do entry checking by executing a program when issuing receipts depending on different situations and conditions. The program may also be included in to a e-mail
  • After saving the receipt, the user may control the modification permission of the receipt
  • User may opt to require authorization at the moment of issuing a receipt or letting a period of time pass before inspecting the issue
  • If there are receipts which are not accepted, it will be modified and sent through the work flow cycle again and the rejected receipt may be taken as reference
  • Users can provide the system with information to automatically manage itself by scheduling when to process transactions, send e-mail with the report

Neighbouring Country Functions

  • Support GB code
  • Support Malaysia accounting and taxation
  • Support Malaysia total tax amount
  • Support additional cost and price tax for individual items
  • Support Vendor deposit processing

Support type of productions

  • Discrete or assembly
  • Repetitive
  • Utilizing Run Card for managing processes
  • Automation of production

Bill Of Material

  • Work Order BOM
  • Support BOM Code
  • Support BOM with substitute of alternative stock item
  • Provide 'version code', 'item code', 'delivery date adjustment'
  • Support Option / Accessories, planning BOM, Local Phantom setting
  • Support changeable design management
  • Support floating point in unit measurement

Production Planning

  • Support DRP - Distribution Requirement Planning
  • Support Hedge Inventory
  • Support BOM Planning
  • Support Multi-stock planning, including lead time, estimate time, and percentage of success, helping the decision of whether to continue with production
  • Support ATP and PAB
  • Estimate time may be set by weekly, half-month, or monthly

Material Planning

  • Support DRP – Distribution Requirement Planning
  • Support Net Change MRP
  • Support Hedge Inventory
  • Support BOM Planning
  • With the MRP setting, we can always ensure that we can always check the stock to ensure we meet the customers’ demands and help in stock decision making
  • User may view the MRP information and calculation in terms of days, weeks or months
  • Support multiple unit of measurements
  • Support rounding of long decimal sums for stock amount and pricing
  • Support different source of stock items including make, purchase, subcontract, transfer
  • Components of stock may be set according to standard component requirements, non-standard and substitute component requirement, depending on customers’ demands

Stock Item Management

  • Multiple production sites
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Management may be divided to by Lot/Serial and stock item may be traced back to its source or location
  • Specify a reference number for every storage rack in a warehouse
  • Multiple unit of measurement may be applied to a stock item
  • Different vendor and different customer may use different packing size, for example, customer A uses a TRAY having 16 PACKETS and customer B uses a TRAY with 18 PACKETS instead
  • Unit measurement conversion. For example, 3m2 = 10kg, can accommodate different scenarios
  • Unit price and unit quantity may be different
  • After stocktaking, adjustment in and adjustment out can be done
  • Operational expenses in warehouse can be automatically calculated, and voucher may be auto-generated
  • Support subcontracting of customer order

Activity-Based Costing

  • Cost Driver may be set by the rate or currency
  • Support ABC Standard costing method
  • Support ABC actual costing calculation (the production cost may be calculated using different method)

Job Order and non-standard costing method and sub-contract costing method

  • Manufacturing order and sub-contractor actual cost calculation
  • Support non-standard actual costing method
  • Sub-contractor actual costing

Quality Control Management

  • Support from IQC to IPQC, FQC of SPC quality control management function
  • Support MIL-STD quality control management
  • Support sample management for quality control
  • Support computerized vendor checking
  • Computerized examination of stock quality in warehouse
  • Provide X bar-R ad X-R control diagram
  • Any problems concerning quality issues will be saved in Notes and a warning will be sent out to the next process
  • Trace source of bad goods

Support auto-generation of vouchers

  • Automatically generate voucher for incoming or outgoing stock and additional expense
  • Automatically generate sales voucher
  • Automatically generate purchase voucher
  • Automatically generate foreign currency conversion voucher
  • Automatically generate normal cheque (or post dated check) and cash voucher
  • Discount voucher will be generated automatically
  • Automatic generation of cost voucher

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