Import/Export Management (IEM)

Module Info

The Import/Export Document Management module serves an important role in transferring or recieving documents from various sources.

Sub Modules:

- Import / Export Document Management (IEDM)

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Import / Export Document Management (IEDM)

General Features

  • Letter Of Credit, Amendment, Cancellation
  • Financial facilities such as Trust Receipt (TR), Banker Acceptance (BA)
  • Auto-generated Interest Journal for TR and BA
  • Shipment Documents, Shipment Arrangement
  • All documents can be scanned into system via scanner / digital camera
  • LC Balance and Credit Limit Control

Function Menu

Import / Export Document Management

  • About Import / Export Document Management

System Setup

  • Default Information/System Options (Setting Parameters)
  • Bank T/R Interest Rate Table
  • Bank L/C Credit Limit
  • Facilities Bank
  • Bank B/A Interest Rate Table

Project Manager

  • Import/Export License
  • Quotation
  • Letter Of Credits
  • - Letter Of Credit
  • - Letter Of Credit - Amended
  • - Letter Of Credit - Cancelled
  • - Letter Of Credit - Application
  • Document Collections

Financing Facilities Transaction Processing

  • Trust Receipt
  • Banker 's Acceptance
  • T/R Interest Journal
  • B/A Interest Journal


  • Bank Credit Limit Balance
  • Bank Credit Limit Transaction


  • Bank Credit Limit Balance Report