E-Invoice Management System (EIN)

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Instead of using conventional paper-based methods, the process of making, sending, and receiving invoices can be managed electronically with the help of our E-Invoice Management System (EMS). It expedites payment cycles, lowers errors, increases productivity, and simplifies the invoicing process.

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E-Invoice Management System (EIN)

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E-Invoice Management System (EIN)

  • About E-Invoice Management System (EIN)

System Setup

  • Default Information / System Options (Setting Parameters)
  • Classification Codes
  • Country Codes
  • e-Invoice Types
  • Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification (MSIC) Codes
  • Payment Modes
  • State Codes
  • Tax Types
  • Unit of Measurement (Unit Code)
  • Digital Signing Certification

Parties Manager

  • Buyer
  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • Vendor

Transaction Processing

  • e-Invoice
  • e-Credit Note
  • e-Debit Note
  • e-Refund Note
  • Self-billed e-Invoice
  • Self-billed e-Credit Note
  • Self-billed e-Debit Note
  • Self-billed e-Refund Note
  • Consolidated e-Invoice
  • Supplier e-Invoice
  • Issuance e-Invoice
  • Submission e-Invoice
  • Validation e-Invoice
  • Notification e-Invoice
  • Sharing of e-Invoice to Buyer
  • Rejection of e-Invoice by Buyer
  • Cancellation of e-Invoice by Supplier


  • e-Invoice Inquiries - by e-Invoice Type
  • e-Invoice Inquiries - by Buyer
  • e-Invoice Inquiries - by Supplier
  • e-Invoice Inquiries - by Workflow Status
  • Item Classification Code Inquiries
  • Account Classification Code Inquiries
  • Country Code Inquiries
  • State Code Inquiries
  • Unit Of Measurement Inquiries
  • Payment Mode Inquiries


  • e-Invoice Reports - by e-Invoice Type
  • e-Invoice Reports - by Buyer
  • e-Invoice Reports - by Supplier
  • e-Invoice Reports - by Workflow Status

Task / Function Processing

  • Import Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Refund Note From Other System into E-Invoice Management System via CSV, Excel oR Json file
  • Integrated with Other ERP or Accounting System Using API
  • Upload e-Invoice in PDF to Document Management System for Storing
  • Submission e-Invoice By Batch
  • Submission e-Invoice By Automatic
  • Get Validation e-Invoice By Batch
  • Get Validation e-Invoice By Automatic
  • Send Notification e-Invoice By Batch
  • Send Notification e-Invoice By Automatic
  • Sharing/Send Email e-Invoice By Batch
  • Sharing/Send Email e-Invoice By Automatic
  • Cancellation e-Invoice By Batch
  • Check Rejection e-Invoice By Automatic
  • Check Validation Of Buyer Taxpayer By Automatic
  • Check Validation Of Supplier Taxpayer By Automatic
  • Check Validation Of Customer Taxpayer By Automatic
  • Check Validation Of Vendor Taxpayer By Automatic
  • Check Validation Of Shipping Recipient Taxpayer By Automatic
  • Get Supplier e-Invoice By Automatic


  • e-Invoice Dashboard by Workflow Status, w-Invoice Type, Buyer or Supplier